Want to share Elon Musk’s latest spicy Tweet with your Instagram followers? Instead of sharing Twitter screenshots on Instagram, increase your Instagram story engagement by sharing a video of the Tweet.

With Glitterly, you can create visually stunning animated videos of Tweets in just a few minutes with a simple copy and paste. Best of all, it’s free.

What you can create:

Three simple steps:

Step 1: Click on the Tweet and copy the URL. If you’re on the mobile app, click the share tweet icon and click “Copy link to Tweet”.

Step 2: Go to glitterly.app/tweet-to-story and paste the URL here:

Here you can also…

Photo by Steven Roe on Unsplash

After having a lot served on a silver platter by the excellent combination of GatsbyJS + plugins, localizing a GatsbyJS project into multiple languages was more difficult than expected.

Plugins have solved many of my problems — e.g.. lazy loading images, making sitemaps, doing my laundry. etc. So when it came time to add localisation, I scoured the plugins for a suitable one that could help me translate my site into the 12 different languages my visitors speak. …

Oskar Ahlroth

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